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this week was awesooome. minus having to work everyday at 6. chris was off tues, wed, thurs and i was off school.

tuesday: went to festival of lights at the zoo with chris. it was free because my sister helped hang up some of the lights and got free tickets, which she gave to us because she is cool like that. it was set up really nice. got to see polar bears wrestle. drank hot cider and ate cinnamon roasted almonds. then i was up until 2:30am making a stupid cake for my manager because i got volunteered :[ cut my finger on a staple and the ungrateful lurch didn't even take it home and probably pitched the slice she cut out. so i gave the rest to sarah and took my pans home thursday.

wednesday( new years eve/mommy's birthday! ): night to relax. got off work at 2 and took a nap until 5:30. then we headed over to my mom's because its her birthday so i got her a $30 visa giftcard ( THEY CHARGE YOU $4 TO ACTIVATE IT. x[ then you only have a month before they start taking money off the card. that is such bull crap )so she could buy her makeup and a steak from friday's that i put a candle in and carried it in lit when we got there. she was going to my dad's friends that she didn't want to go to so i was mad at her about that. yeah, go drink and then drive home with all the drunks and let him(dad) ruin your birthday. so they left as soon as we got there. hung out to talk with kyle and samantha for a few minutes, then we headed home. watched chris play bioshock until 11:55, then we got our drinks ready ( jones blue lemonade soda in wine glasses ) and watched the stupid ball drop, smoochie moochied and were in bed by 12:01.

thursday( new year's ): happy new year! worked til 2. theen went to the beach waterpark for their holidayfest. our passes are still good for it. so we get in and go look at the nativity scene they had set up. pet the donkey, almost got my hand chomped off by the camel.
- horse wagon ride! we wanted to get hot chocolate but neither of us had cash and they didn't take card. so while we were waiting for the wagon to come back i was all 'huh' and check my wallet. i had exactly $2 in change. hot choco was $1.98 so i got us one to share. horse ride was stiinky. driver="horse farted! been waitin' all year to say that"
- ice skating! this was both chris and my first time. i AMAZINGLY didn't fall but came close countless times. hugged the rail a lot but i did go around four times without touching it. i wanna do it agaain :3
- big slide + sled = SCARY.
- they had paddle boats in the lazy river. which was freaking cool. so we went around the whole thing, the tunnel part was scary because it was 8-8:30ish and dark as crap out.

so then we leave the beach and decided we wanted friday's. ( when my mom's steak was in the car, the smell filled up the whole thing and i was droooling. ) tried their bbq pork ravioli ( pulled pork in fried ravioli with bbq dipping sauce ) it was good but i don't think we'd get it again and of course our fried macaroni&cheese. thenthen got the jack daniel's new york strip and shrimp. it was orgasmic.

friday: chris gets mad at me every time i fill out the entry forms for the contest barrels at meijer but it payed off! i won tickets to go see trans-siberian orchestra~ didn't know if they were for the 3 or 8 o'clock show though and we both had to work 6-2. it was for the 3pm, go figure.
( actually, i won 12 tickets + a parking pass but we couldn't get ahold of the tickets until 30 minutes before the show started so i didn't know this or else i would have invited a buttload of people.
stupid meijers. we've been trying since dec 29th to talk to someone that knew what the heck was going on. we went up there tuesday and the customer service guy told us 'oh the promotional director won't be in until thursday or friday' after calling 5 people.
call thursday 'we can't get access to them until friday' then we call friday and have to talk to like 7 different people before we get the dickhead store director who was all ' you still want them? didn't it already pass? ' RAHRAHWELIVE5MINSAWAYGIMMIEMYTICKETS 'bear with me, i have to find them ' then he took his sweet time when we got there, just wasn't our day. we went to customer service and there was a line, and an old guy cut in front of us. director guy walks up really slow and asks chris ' so you're the ticket guy? ' hes looking at his watch all slow like ' isn't it starting right now? ' then takes his sweet time handing them over. we literally run out and head to US Bank Arena and make it there in 10 minutes. i am amazed chris didn't get pulled over :o
so the show! we had seats K 5-8 then like T9-12 ( which were on the other side of the arena so there was a whole empty row on the other side ) or something. so we sat at K6 and 7 because it was closest to the stage and had the whole row to ourselves except for four people. turns out the guy i was sitting near was the promotional director from meijer. ha ha ha.

it was amaazing. in the middle of one of the songs they rocked out too hard and the amps blew and the lights cut off. so they had to improvise~ guitarist dude had everyone singing jingle bells and rudolph then 'okay, thats all the songs i know'. lol then they gave us an extra 30mins because of the technical difficulties ( how many people can say they went to a TSO show that had technical difficulties? :P )
bought a tshirt and a program, then went to asian buffet, then to krogers to buy stuff to make smoothies and soup, then home and snuggled til we fell asleep. meant to get up and play l4d with devin but we conked out.

now i'm off work today and tomorrow and made smoothies with my magic bullet. :B
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oh yeah! we got netflix too. so we can watch stuff off our xbox and get movies sent here so we watched little shop of horrors ( chris had never seen it ) and had run fat boy run sent here ( very good movie. simon pegg is silly~ )
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Cake for the evil manager? @_@
Not all Visa giftcards are like that, where'd you get it from?

Don't tell Allison [not that she won't read this] that you saw Trans-Siberian Orchestra, she loves 'em. XD


but it's coming I swear. XD