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pointless post

i loooooooove sleeping in. had to fight with chris' butt to kick him out of bed for work at 8. haha we took out the support bars from under the bed and set the boxspring and mattress on the floor with the frame still around it. it looks so funny. huge headboard! comfy though. cats can sleep with us again. ( had to keep the door shut because they kept getting under the bed and not coming out to the point i wanted to kill them )

i put way too much water in my oatmeal :[

our fridge is broke so we've been wrapping things up and keeping it on the porch in the cat carrier so raccoons won't get to it. and hey, atleast i got cold pop! haha it snowed so its working pretty well. my dad is coming out to look at it today (and hopefully fix it). me and chris tried pulling it out to vacuum out the filter and i ended up getting conked in the head with a smoke detector. made me cry and chris couldn't get to me so he like grah!pushed the fridge to come hug me. he's so sweet. then and then we pulled up some of the tile and broke it. one more thing to fix before we can get out of here.

i am poor. i don't think i'm going to be able to afford xmas presents. so don't get me anything.

if anyone has left 4 dead and would like to play, hit me up on 'syruup'.

also, my job is forcing me to buy my own work shirts ( already on the third pair of pants i've bought ). when i first started i had to pay $10/shirt FROM THE COMPANY. that is bullcrap. what place makes their employees pay for their uniform? now, they SWITCHED the uniform from the shirts i have ( which were so cheaply made the sleeves have holes and they stain very easy ) to black polo shirts. it is freaking impossible to find just a plain. black. polo. shirt. i'm getting so ticked off. managers and shifts get their shirts provided by the company for free. they are not even offering to sell any this time around. i have to go out to a store and find one. this looks retarded when everyone has a different shirt on. the only black polos i have been able to find range from $30-$50 and i am not paying that much for a stupid work shirt. i've checked meijers, target, walmart, kmart, dick's and just oh my god. /shirt rant

i also really do not like shiny toy gun's new singer. had to get that out there.

chris hates this song but i love it x3 i didn't even recognize it was them!
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