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long time no post

i know i never post in this anymore. i am sort of sorry.

what's going on!
( cracking up because right after i typed it, she said it in the song )

- we are moving.. into a bigger mobile home! its seriously a two minute walk away from this one. they're asking $4k for it and its twice the size of this. that is a freaking steal. PLUS! it has a jacuzzi-sized tub in the bedroom. the cats will be so much happier.

- the guy that wants to buy this one is a prick. we're going to let him walk through it on wednesday and not taking anything less than $7k for it. he was saying the roof is curled and needs to be replaced so he'll give us $4k. l o l. seriously. we've never ONCE had a leak and this thing is 15 years old. we would like $8k honestly.

- no more brace! remember how i fractured my knee? i'm (mostly) healed! no more crutches, no more brace, no more doctor visits. still taking the vicadin ( like, 3/week if that ) though because its still nicked and hurts but no where near as bad. i hate stairs.

- so kroger wanted me to give 5-10 minute neck/shoulder massages because today is employee appreciation day. i went up there at 11:15 or so and they set me up under a canopy. i am poor and can't afford a chair or table quite yet so i ghetto'd up my own chair. had people straddle a fold up chair and put their arms up on a stool and did it that way. they gave me a tip jar and a $25 gift card too. made $20 in tips. booyah.

- hanging out with my sister today. :] think i'm taking her bathing suit shopping. i want to go swimming so so bad.

- i went back to work may 20th. so far so good. Theresa isn't our manager anymore, now we have Derrick ( he trained at our store 8948946 months ago and we bonded and i bought him a red lobster going away giftcard. and now he's my manager for reals. ) cool beans. my BFF Lynn works part time now with me! so excited. she goes to my school too, she's in opposite classes though. like, mondays i have massage, she has anatomy and wednesday i have anatomy and she has massage. that kinda thing. then new dude Johnny and Vanessa ( she started working when i first broke my knee )

- getting up at 5am sucks.

- oh OH MY GOD I DON'T THINK I POSTED THIS IN HERE. so! blink 182 is back together and they are touring this summer. they'll be here august 13th and the tickets went on sale at 10am on some saturday a couple weeks back. i hawk-eyed the tickets. as soon as it hit 10am, i searched 'best available' and i guess because the fanclubs of the three major bands playing ( blink, fall out boy, panic at the disco ) they were all snatched up in presales because the ONLY ones coming up where row 900 which is the row before the lawn seats. what the crap no. i told Chris lets not even bother because it'd be silly to blow $70 on seats you can't even see anything. so he completely shocks me and buys 2 VIP packages ( $200/package which includes exclusive tour tshirt and poster, PIT tickets and VIP lanyard to get to go backstage ) i freaked @@ i love him so much. its my super awesome early birthday present :3

- lady gaga is my new guilty pleasure. i thought i'd dislike her but the music is so freaking catchy.

such is the life of sara!
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