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just got back from the doctor's. that dude is so worthless. seriously, he does NOTHING. every single time i've sat in the room 20-30 minutes, then he comes in for not even two to tell me ' come back in x weeks '

anyway, got xrays done to see how i was healing. xray dude is all bend this way, turn it this way, look like a pretzel! ( not really but the positions were weird :[ ) i have to be on crutches for four more weeks and in the brace a total of seven. bummer. he did say i could put a little bit of weight on it gradually though. ( shhimalreadybeingbadandsortakindawalkingonitnowandthen )


SO as you guys know, i'm an engaged woman! ( still hasn't sunk in ) and i'm sure you're wondering how it happened. if not, too bad.

thursday we go visit panda in dayton and see monsters vs aliens (cute movie) and as we're coming back, the car starts making really weird noises. then the brakes start screwing up and theres like a POP! so we get it back here and chris is getting super bummed. i tell him we'll get it fixed, its okay. poor beb starts crying :[ his dad comes over to look at it and says his wheel bearing was shot. so we got an undriveable car. he tells me he wanted to surprise me with a trip. told him we could take my car, but his dad says it won't make it in the mountains ( my exhaust pipe cracked when we went to TN ) so after an hour or so, he calls up his friend alex. he explains what happened and alex asks him if he wants to borrow his car before chris can even ask. that was so awesome of him.

so we swap cars ( alex took mine ) and we sleep for 3-4 hours and leave at 4am. i still didn't know where we were going, i looked at the gps and the estimated arrival time was in nine hours (. i'm like holy crap, where are we going?! didn't find out it was philadelphia, PA until we're literally in it. i had no idea what was in PA. we get there, PEOPLE DRIVE CRAZY THERE, get checked in and stay in the hotel friday night. get room service ( ribs + mashed potatos + corn on the cob = :F )and go to bed.

saturday morning we head out to the philadelphia zoo ( 1st in america! ) and i had to crutch a block because they wouldn't let wheelchairs leave the entrance to go to the parking lot. screw that. chris rents me one and runs my crutches all the way back to the car. he's a sweetheart. :[ so we have fun there. chris forgot my digicam in the hotel room so we bought a $16 disposable. he bought me a tiny monkey plush that i named chris II. when we were seeing the lions, the guy that worked there sat down with his back against the glass and the lioness ran up and stood on her back legs and started pawing at him. we were like THATSSOCOOL. then when we were leaving, we took the wheelchair and nobody said anything and he took it back while i waited in the car. then we headed back to the room for the night. got pizza for dinner.

sunday was the special day~ we take a taxi to the shuttle bus ( dude had a scary long thumbnail and drove super fast ), then bus to the festival. it was soso pretty. first thing we did was sat in the little circular bench area under the bloomed trees. chris tells me to sit over on this block under one of the trees and sits on my leg and i feel soso bad now that i know. i was like ' RAGHYOU'REONMYLEG ' he was kneeling down. and he reached in his pocket and pulls out the box. i smacked him on the shoulder and asked him what he was doing, because i was NOT expecting this at all and he has tears rolling down his cheeks telling me how much he loves me and how he'll always love me and will i marry him and i start crying @@ 'course i told him yes. i'ms start crying thinking about it. it was extremely sweet and the ring is beautiful. i love him so much.

we spend the rest of the festival checking out the vendor booths ( omg this fat cuntrag SHOVED me out of the way. I AM ON CRUTCHES, AND YOU ARE GOING TO DO THAT? BITCHWHORE ), ate awesome tempura soba, i had to stop to sit a lot and i feel bad about it but i couldn't help it. my right leg was burning and i was getting winded. there were 20,000 people there. try crutching around them :[ we go inside this building and sit down at a table that had suduko and other puzzles books and work on them together. then the guy that ( we think, atleast i know he's the president of the company that created it and he is the one that named it ) created sudoku came over and gave us stickers. we got his autograph :3

oh yeah! there were cosplayers there too! thought that was pretty cool. saw all the sailor scouts ( who were VERY accurate. davii would have geeked! ), some narutards, bleach, ouran high and others i can't remember. we didn't buy anything at the anime booth because the lady wanted $12 for a yoshi plush that wasn't even the size of my hand. then she downed it to $10, saying 'rast one! no more! ' like ehh. no thanks. goodies we DID buy : good fortune bell cat, festival shirt, festival key rings, this really ick tea, soba.

so we go stand in line for 20min to get back on the shuttle bus, we had a crazy lady driver. seriously. she was going 90 in the highway, kept slamming on the breaks, talked to the ladies in front of us the whole time ( kept looking in the mirror instead of the road ) i thought we were gunna die. that'd be ironic, huh? so we get back to the union league ( pick up/drop off marker ) and call a different taxi company because the one we took the cab was scary to be in. wobbled and he drove crazy like everyone else . yellow taxi cab co seemed clean and safe so they first that we need an address, not corner of blah and blah and hung up on chris. so we call them back with an address and they say they'll send someone out 5-30 minutes. we wait 40 ( mind you, we had one jacket between us. both had light shirts on and it was getting windy and chilly because the sun was going down ) and call them back. they said ' you weren't standing out there. so they left. ' um, excuse me. we were standing in exactly the same spot. i was going to tell chris to call someone else but they were all ' want us to send out another one? ' and chris told them ' uh, yeah? x[ ' ugh. it was so stupid. another 20 minutes and i told chris to go ahead and call a different company. we see a yellow cab and flag it down. "are you here to pick up christopher? " and he says no, checks his dispatches and isn't getting anybody right now so he takes us back to the hotel. that whole ordeal was ridiculous.

we got room service again :] it was really good for hotel food. then monday morning the fire alarms go off at 7am, so im hobbling down the stairs ( suuucked ) then they announce over the speakers that theres no emergency, go back to your rooms. we got down to the 14th floor i think? we were on the 17th so i'm like %^@%& and get back up there. we left after that, at like 8-9 to head home so we could get home earlyish. alex took care of the kitties for us while we were away. get home around 7ish. alex is here, he goes with us so i can show my mom my ring, then we went to steak & shake, came home and went to bed because chris had to be at work at 8. poor baby. he's been doing morning shifts and forced overtime all week.

trip in a nutshell!
-i was with chris
-even though i list it as a con, 9-10 hours in the car was scenic-pretty and we talked a lot :3
-alex let us borrow his car
-zoo was awesome
-hotel food
-cherry blossom trees
-tried soba noodles for the first time and they were delicious~
-met sudoku dude!
-got to go into a wawa. cookie and cream milkshake!
-got engaaaged <3!

-in the car for 9-10 hours
-alex's brake pads were bad, so we almost wrecked 10x
-people in philly drive crazy
-hotel did not have a pool
-i was on crutches the whole time
-forgetting digicam for zoo
-stupid taxis are stupid
-i let chris spend waay too much money
-missed my kitties

and if anyone would like to see pictures:
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