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theresa has been treating me like crap at work. i don't know who shoved a stick up her butt, but i have done NOTHING to her. she acts like i hurt my knee on purpose. she gets mad if i sit down and snaps at me ' sara, you need to be on register. did you check the coffees? ' when i sit down, its not like i'm not working. wednesday i prepped an entire case of turkey, pack of marshmellow squares, two things of ham, two things of roastbeef and 3-4 packs of cheese. thursday and today, prepped a lot as well. she keeps mock-asking me ' hanging in there?', ' think you'll make it? ' and when she tells me to leave she goes ' are you gone yet? '. in a completely non-joking manner she told me ' you're making me look bad. people are going to think i'm a bad boss. ' LOL you're a horrible boss, you bitch!

i should not come home crying. no matter how much i tell myself that i'm there, i want to work, i'm trying my hardest she completely tears me down. i have bruises under my arms and on my hands from being on the crutches for hours at a time.

so i went back to the doctor today. i don't need surgery because its just 2mm deep instead of 5mm. but i'm not allowed to put ANY weight on it whatsover. because then i will need surgery. so they gave me a note to give her saying i can do a sit-job only. she said she has nothing for me to sit down and do. chris told her to call leanne or human resources and find me something to do. i love him~ she was so mad. said to call her tuesday since she is off monday. i'm going to be in the brace and on the crutches for two months.

katherine came over earlier and brought me balloons, a flower and a card. she's been helping me out so much. she'd get me the stuff to prep, make sure i was doing okay, just being all around awesome and i can't tell her how much i appreciate it. she noticed how theresa has been treating me too and told her nothing but good things about me. flat out told her i was trying my hardest.


here's the video of it:

i'm the one in blue, it happens at 2:46.
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