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quick update since i haven't updated in 2 months

- i got glasses.

- work sucks.

- school is going okay i think. need to take a cpr class before end of march though.

- i am hooked on mcdonald's sweet tea.

- a&g ohio was awesome, even though i fractured my knee friday night during cosplay wrestling. i was stuck in a wheelchair the whole con. helped out with reg a lot and got to see super 8 bit brothers. that was so freaking fun. i was putting all my weight on my right foot the whole time so my leg was buurning. when they did 'robot, plane, dinosaur' kevin was all ' my robot turns into a plane and NOTHING else! ' so they didn't sing the dinosaur part and i'm all yelling it, and he puts the mic towards me everytime and at the end he was 'thats the best that song has ever been performed ' SPEAKING OF WHICH! panda is so awesome.

i was sitting at the registration table and i hear 'how're you doing?' i'm like, hold up. i recognize that voice. look up.. :O!! steve blum, guy that does spike from cowboy bebop and numerous other awesome roles. he gave me a hug and signed my spike doll's box. pic of it later. i geeked out. thenthen! super8bit bros kevin & rob came up and hugged me and said it was nice seeing me again and they can't wait til next year :D

-.. fractured my knee! i'm on crutches, this huge leg brace that makes me feel like a robot, anti-inflammatory meds and they prescribed me 195 Vicadin. so if anyone needs a hook up :x i kid.

- i'm 110% convinced that chris is the sweetest guy in the world. he loves me so much and i don't know what i did to deserve him but he makes me really happy and takes such good care of me. <3<3

- on the sixth book of the dark tower! almost done!

i miss talking to people :[
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