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totally missed my 'happy christmas!' post so uh

happy belated christmas!

i had to work on christmas eve and the day after christmas and the day after the day after christmas. it sucked. we were extremely busy and i wanted to kill people.

from my grandparents
horton hears a who dvd with finger puppet of horton
$25 applebees giftcard, $15 movies giftcard to me and chris ( dinner and a movie :3 )

from chris
digital drum set ( ohhh my god. i cried @@ )
CSI: Dark Motives for DS
Cooking Mama 2 for DS
Stephen King's Dark Tower series ( i read the first five and could never finish it because i couldn't find it and here he goes buying me all 7. i loove him~ )
JK Rowling's The Tale of Beedle The Bard
yoshi DS kit ( stylus, game case )
xbox live year subscription + headset + chatpad

from my parents
hello kitty lamp
hello kitty pajamas
hello kitty slippers
two pair of thumper pajamas
mutts pajamas
$25 gas card
fuzzy socks
regular socks
zelda shirt
glass photo coasters
folding tables
MAGIC BULLET ( sofreakingcool. i've wanted one ever since i seen the infomercial yeeears ago )
GPS for my car ( has sara written all over it. this was the perfect gift ever )

from david&amanda
$25 meijers giftcard
chocolate covered strawberries!

from chris' aunt
nmbc jack&sally fuzzy blanket

from chris' mom
gorilla slippers
robe that doesn't fit
hot chocolate set
smores set
candy bag
trunk bag

from chris' dad
he got us $25 papa john's card and money to go to BD's

from chris' grandma
$200 for both of us

from lynn
black earmuffs
hello kitty phone charm

from jason
microsoft points
hello kitty wiimote cover

from theresa
black polo shirt

from my secret santa/peyton
these two tiny glass butterflies ( lol it wasn't on my list but they were cute ) and i accidentally broke one of them when i was trying to show theresa and they fell and one hit the floor and the legs flew off :[ don't tell him

i know i'm missing stuff but i assure you i had a great christmas and hope you did the same :]
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