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thanksgiving was okay. work sucked because dumbdumb doesn't know how to make a schedule. she had me and her there all day ( i worked 6-4 ) and corey in at 7-12. she didn't come out at all until corey left, she left to go let her dog out and sat in the back a lot. then when he left i was by myself ( just holler if you need me! >bullcrap. ) we were busy. retards getting turkey sandwiches and people getting dozens ( who the crap eats bagels on thanksgiving? ) i could understand the people that came in that were from out of town and wanted breakfast, thats fine, but if you are getting a TURKEY sandwich on THANKSGIVING you need to be smacked upside the head.

so i get off work, chris is already at home, we get ready and go to my mom's. she made awesome food. :] my grandma didn't cook this year because she's on a cruise. there wasn't enough room at the table for everyone to sit and eat so we spread the food out there and sat in the living room and watched stand up comedians while we ate ( kyle dunnigan, lisa landry, & jeff dunham ) theeen looked at my old pictures on the computer and ate apple pie ala mode :3 got home about 11.

work friday wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be. i thought we would have to deal with all the angry hungry black friday shoppers but it wasn't that busy. guess everyone was still stuffed from thanksgiving. i was scheduled 7-3 but ended up getting sent home early at 2. five people were working so day flew by. so i get home and alex is here and we hang out with him. played left 4 dead with jason and alex and chris took turns, watched silly videos and ate at steak & shake. then he wanted us to go to his friends with him but chris had to work at 7 so we went home and went to bed~

saturday morning was nice. :x

THEEEEN! chris left and i slept til 12. needed that sleep like whoa. found new manga series to read ( Honey Hunt and Beauty is the Beast )

chris didn't get home until almost 6 :[ and found out he had to work 6-3 today, then go back in at midnight until 8am to do inventory. that is complete BS, they are treating him like crap. assistant isn't worth this. i told him we'd get by if he found a different job. i hate seeing him miserable and not being able to make it better.

alex called and said he bought left 4 dead so we played a campaign last night with him and his brother, then we met them at waffle house which was fun times. it was a TINY waffle house and we kept getting starred at and there was no room on the table so we were stacking haha. i had to suck in because my boobs kept pushing the table. i was like 'we'll leave when i finish my coffee' cause i had half a cup and the lady came and refilled it xx my tummy was so full. anywho! then we all leave and play another campaign til 1 and chris had to go to bed to be at work at 6. and that is all!

haha alex just called and asked if i wanted to play xD
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