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twilight movie! skip if you don't like it :P

my sister, boyfriend and i went to the midnight showing of twilight. fun times.

went and picked her up around 8, got there about 9. we went to newport's amc to see it. i pre-bought the tickets so i picked them up and the theater was awesome and was already letting people in to go sit down instead of standing in a line. we got the perfect seats in the middle so i was happy about that, mostly for samantha. i wanted to see it but not THAT bad.

so! to amuse ourselves for three hours:
samantha texted on her phone for the first hour, chris and i took turns playing a block stacking game he bought on his phone ( ugh phone bill is going to be so high. he had to download it - we aren't paying for internet and they charge out the butt for it if you use it )

second hour, we played the memory alphabet game thing: twilight edition. ( the a-apple next person goes a-apple, b-banana, so on )
heres what we came up with, we were cracking up

a - apple
b - bella
c- cullens
d- dance
e- esme
f- forks
g- god awful ending
h- how in the heck did he get it up?
i- i didn't read the book ( chris had i haha )
j- jacob
k- killing panthers is fun
l- lullaby
m- midnight sun
n- nasty honeymoon is nasty
o- oooooo ( we wouldn't think of one, but we had to say it drawn out like that everytime and it was silly )
p- piano
q- quileute
r- renesmee
s- swan
t- twilight
u- i don't remember if we ever came up with one so we'll say it was uley (sam's last name)
v- vampire
w- werewolf
x- x-rated ( haha there are no x's )
y- youth
z- zafrina

then um last hour this dude came out, said he dj'd for q102 on the weekends and talked. tried to get a wave started, failed. he was lame, corny jokes. then he told people to ask questions and someone asked ' what team are you on? ' as in team edward/team jacob and he never read the book so he thought they were asking if he was gay or not lol. he also was like ' i'm not the only guy here! ' and pointed at chris.

they had six theaters showing the movie and five sold out. that is a lot of teeny boppers.

the movie itself! 6/10. if you haven't read any of the books, you will be confused. a lot of it was rushed, a lot of stuff was not explained and there were a lot of akwards parts. we laughed at all the wrong parts ( edward in biology class, jasper's "scary" face was hysterical, when bella dreamed she saw edward in her room standing all scary-stalker like then disappearing and all that i could think about when carlisle came on screen was 'q-tip') alot of the time the place was dead silent and us three were holding our hands over our mouths to keep from laughing too loud. it was an okay movie.

- there was hardly any develop in bella and jacob's relationship. he was at the beginning all ' we used to make mud pies together durr ' then he was at the beach and he showed up at the prom saying billy gave him $20 to tell her to stay away from her boyfriend. they didn't talk at all or interact in any way to show they had chemistry. when edward sees him at the prom he makes a wolf remark and jacob glares but if you're just seeing the movie, no-book that isn't explained at ALL. i know its probably setting up to tell everything in the second movie but geez.

- i couldn't even tell edward was sparkly in the sun. chris said it looked like they threw some glitter on him. they probably didn't want to go over the top and make it cheesy looking.

- bella never cooks for charlie once. they go to a diner. her cooking for him was their bonding.

- edward and bella are magically in love. i know the entire book is from her point of view and they didn't want her narrating the whole film but they could have done that so much better. she obsesses over him in the book and the chick playing her seemed indifferent to everything. one of edward's favourite things about bella is how much she blushes, she looked as pale as the vampire's most of the time.

- how everyone just accepted bellaxedward. mike was supossed to be more 'friendly' and they showed it as best they could i guess but jessica was supossed to be all jealous. and she's like ' go ahead :D ' at the port angeles scene. tyler was also supossed to ask bella out :B now i'm just being nitpicky. they got a good angela.

- quotes straight from the book

- kissy smoochy

- baseball scene was awesome. alice's leg kick was cute.

- when edward saves bella from the drunk dudes, car-spinny was very cool. it felt like i was reading the book, scene was perfect. the ' talk to me before i turn around and kill them ' = <3

bella - too unemotional.
edward - not my first choice, or my second but you get used to him mid-movie. some of the acting was over the top and he was socially awkward at parts edward was supossed to be all smooth, silky voice that draws people in yadda yadda.

he'd be fine if he looked like this the whole movie:

bella&edward = they had great chemistry together. i'll give them that.

jacob - his teeth will make you go blind. cute kid though.
billy - great. imagined him a bit older but it was pulled off very well. him and charlie doing air-punches was cute. :]
charlie - perfectly cast. probably my favourite the whole movie, he's exactly as i imagined him.
renée - great, "are you being safe?" = hilarious
phil - for the four seconds you saw him, looked good. baseball player!
carlisle - awesome. even though he looked like a q-tip at first. he's a sexy beast and the guy that played him had his personality down to a t.
esme - beautiful!
rosalie - awesome, looked the part and was stuck up just like book-rosalie. hate how you don't find out why she hates bella though. chris had to ask me why.
emmet - perfect. probably my second favourite. looked and acted how i imagined.
alice - adorable. just like i pictured her.
jasper - scary face xD
cracks me up every time. i can't remember if he had any lines but you get used to how he looks after the first couple of times you see him.
james - too cheesy. did not look average whatsoever, acting was good though.
victoria - she looked too much like a little girl. they needed to put some eyeliner on her. can't really tell extent of the acting, so she was alright.
laurent - i didn't know olive-skinned meant black. thats so racist, he was cool. :P
mike - good. close but not quite what i imagined, good actor.
angela - perfect.
jessica - didn't like the chick too much. she was too..nice. i guess? jessica is supossed to be basically using bella because of her popularity, have BROWN hair and be jealous. she got the snooty voice down though.
eric - ASIAN. lol. did not see that coming. flamboyant asian at that, he was alright.
tyler - not a good actor, even if he was a minor character. when he was apologizing in the hospital, it was forced. i did laugh at the curtain being pulled. :B
sam - looked way too young. jacob looked older than him. even though he was only there four seconds and i don't remember a full on view so this one is void til next movie.

we got home around 3 and i had to go to work at 6 on friday. i was deeead. came home at 3pm and crashed until 7:30 this morning, where i had to go to work again 8-12. 16.5 hours of sleep! and i had coffee so i feel awesome right now.

okay, i'm done. now i'm bored. chris has to work til 10 and i have nothing to do. :[
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