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update in a nutshell

raah i don't want to make spaghetti~

i had no idea bloc party was on guitar hero.

work blows. chris is assistant produce manager, very proud of him.

bringing up my anatomy grade. i'm on academic probation by one point but now i'm doing awesome.

sugoi/4chancon was oct 31-nov 2, it blew. except seeing erica. that was awesome. chris and i went as speed racer & trixie on friday. i can't find any pictures but i know there were some taken. then erica and i went to the zoo sunday, but no sloth to be seen and that was the whole reason we went. we got lost on the way there, ( ZOOO! )fun times.

my sister was dorothy in the wizard of oz: nch edition and was freaking adorable.


my girl-crush gave me her phone number. chris doesn't mind lol <3

i just burnt the garlic toast. :[
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