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[18 Jun 2012|11:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hello! how is everyone in livejournal world? i'm waiting on chris to get home from work. the baby will not go to sleep for nothing. ( yeah, in case you missed it i got a kid now :P ). i'm letting him wear himself out because if i try to hold him he wiggles everywhere. we have a kitty cat that lives on our porch! i like him a lot better than the two in my house. we've been trying to rehome them but no luck. my car is broke. work has been better i guess? not too much new with me.

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[12 Dec 2010|02:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i have not being doing so well. i keep getting into arguments with chris, getting severely depressed. i'm tired. i hate my job.

i have a bad crick in my neck that is upsetting me. i've had to keep my head tilted to the right all day. i didn't do anything i planned on doing. some laundry is getting done atleast? i wanted to play videogames and watch psych but i have not moved my butt off this computer chair any longer then it took me to go to the bathroom and grab food.

i don't even have anything to look at on the computer.

tomorrow is monday, i'll be back my oh-so-fun bagel job at 5am. whoo.

okay, this is just sad. end.

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[20 Dec 2009|12:58pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i think i kind of miss livejournal. i checked my friends page and it is nothing but communities. now that everyone has moved on to facebook or myspace its short one-line posts.

then: talking about a game you're playing and what you think about it, where other people comment and you have fun discussions.
now: i'm playing klonoa.

and thats it. kinda sad.

i always reread my old posts and remember fun or depressing things and now i don't remember much of anything. should start posting in this again, even if there is no one to read it. that's fine.

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long time no post [13 Jun 2009|03:03pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

i know i never post in this anymore. i am sort of sorry.

what's going on!
( cracking up because right after i typed it, she said it in the song )

- we are moving.. into a bigger mobile home! its seriously a two minute walk away from this one. they're asking $4k for it and its twice the size of this. that is a freaking steal. PLUS! it has a jacuzzi-sized tub in the bedroom. the cats will be so much happier.

- the guy that wants to buy this one is a prick. we're going to let him walk through it on wednesday and not taking anything less than $7k for it. he was saying the roof is curled and needs to be replaced so he'll give us $4k. l o l. seriously. we've never ONCE had a leak and this thing is 15 years old. we would like $8k honestly.

- no more brace! remember how i fractured my knee? i'm (mostly) healed! no more crutches, no more brace, no more doctor visits. still taking the vicadin ( like, 3/week if that ) though because its still nicked and hurts but no where near as bad. i hate stairs.

- so kroger wanted me to give 5-10 minute neck/shoulder massages because today is employee appreciation day. i went up there at 11:15 or so and they set me up under a canopy. i am poor and can't afford a chair or table quite yet so i ghetto'd up my own chair. had people straddle a fold up chair and put their arms up on a stool and did it that way. they gave me a tip jar and a $25 gift card too. made $20 in tips. booyah.

- hanging out with my sister today. :] think i'm taking her bathing suit shopping. i want to go swimming so so bad.

- i went back to work may 20th. so far so good. Theresa isn't our manager anymore, now we have Derrick ( he trained at our store 8948946 months ago and we bonded and i bought him a red lobster going away giftcard. and now he's my manager for reals. ) cool beans. my BFF Lynn works part time now with me! so excited. she goes to my school too, she's in opposite classes though. like, mondays i have massage, she has anatomy and wednesday i have anatomy and she has massage. that kinda thing. then new dude Johnny and Vanessa ( she started working when i first broke my knee )

- getting up at 5am sucks.

- oh OH MY GOD I DON'T THINK I POSTED THIS IN HERE. so! blink 182 is back together and they are touring this summer. they'll be here august 13th and the tickets went on sale at 10am on some saturday a couple weeks back. i hawk-eyed the tickets. as soon as it hit 10am, i searched 'best available' and i guess because the fanclubs of the three major bands playing ( blink, fall out boy, panic at the disco ) they were all snatched up in presales because the ONLY ones coming up where row 900 which is the row before the lawn seats. what the crap no. i told Chris lets not even bother because it'd be silly to blow $70 on seats you can't even see anything. so he completely shocks me and buys 2 VIP packages ( $200/package which includes exclusive tour tshirt and poster, PIT tickets and VIP lanyard to get to go backstage ) i freaked @@ i love him so much. its my super awesome early birthday present :3

- lady gaga is my new guilty pleasure. i thought i'd dislike her but the music is so freaking catchy.

such is the life of sara!

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[06 Jun 2009|04:17pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i like wearing chris' underwear. i think this makes me weird.

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[10 Apr 2009|11:57am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

just got back from the doctor's. that dude is so worthless. seriously, he does NOTHING. every single time i've sat in the room 20-30 minutes, then he comes in for not even two to tell me ' come back in x weeks '

anyway, got xrays done to see how i was healing. xray dude is all bend this way, turn it this way, look like a pretzel! ( not really but the positions were weird :[ ) i have to be on crutches for four more weeks and in the brace a total of seven. bummer. he did say i could put a little bit of weight on it gradually though. ( shhimalreadybeingbadandsortakindawalkingonitnowandthen )

me on crutches + braceCollapse )

SO as you guys know, i'm an engaged woman! ( still hasn't sunk in ) and i'm sure you're wondering how it happened. if not, too bad.

philly tripCollapse )

trip in a nutshell!
-i was with chris
-even though i list it as a con, 9-10 hours in the car was scenic-pretty and we talked a lot :3
-alex let us borrow his car
-zoo was awesome
-hotel food
-cherry blossom trees
-tried soba noodles for the first time and they were delicious~
-met sudoku dude!
-got to go into a wawa. cookie and cream milkshake!
-got engaaaged <3!

-in the car for 9-10 hours
-alex's brake pads were bad, so we almost wrecked 10x
-people in philly drive crazy
-hotel did not have a pool
-i was on crutches the whole time
-forgetting digicam for zoo
-stupid taxis are stupid
-i let chris spend waay too much money
-missed my kitties

and if anyone would like to see pictures:

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[07 Apr 2009|12:33am]
[ mood | loved ]

guess whatCollapse )

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[04 Apr 2009|10:22am]
[ mood | hungry ]

apparently i am in philadelphia, pennsylvania~

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[20 Mar 2009|05:15pm]
[ mood | sore ]

theresa has been treating me like crap at work. i don't know who shoved a stick up her butt, but i have done NOTHING to her. she acts like i hurt my knee on purpose. she gets mad if i sit down and snaps at me ' sara, you need to be on register. did you check the coffees? ' when i sit down, its not like i'm not working. wednesday i prepped an entire case of turkey, pack of marshmellow squares, two things of ham, two things of roastbeef and 3-4 packs of cheese. thursday and today, prepped a lot as well. she keeps mock-asking me ' hanging in there?', ' think you'll make it? ' and when she tells me to leave she goes ' are you gone yet? '. in a completely non-joking manner she told me ' you're making me look bad. people are going to think i'm a bad boss. ' LOL you're a horrible boss, you bitch!

i should not come home crying. no matter how much i tell myself that i'm there, i want to work, i'm trying my hardest she completely tears me down. i have bruises under my arms and on my hands from being on the crutches for hours at a time.

so i went back to the doctor today. i don't need surgery because its just 2mm deep instead of 5mm. but i'm not allowed to put ANY weight on it whatsover. because then i will need surgery. so they gave me a note to give her saying i can do a sit-job only. she said she has nothing for me to sit down and do. chris told her to call leanne or human resources and find me something to do. i love him~ she was so mad. said to call her tuesday since she is off monday. i'm going to be in the brace and on the crutches for two months.

katherine came over earlier and brought me balloons, a flower and a card. she's been helping me out so much. she'd get me the stuff to prep, make sure i was doing okay, just being all around awesome and i can't tell her how much i appreciate it. she noticed how theresa has been treating me too and told her nothing but good things about me. flat out told her i was trying my hardest.

my kneeCollapse )

here's the video of it:

i'm the one in blue, it happens at 2:46.

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quick update since i haven't updated in 2 months [17 Mar 2009|01:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]

- i got glasses.

- work sucks.

- school is going okay i think. need to take a cpr class before end of march though.

- i am hooked on mcdonald's sweet tea.

- a&g ohio was awesome, even though i fractured my knee friday night during cosplay wrestling. i was stuck in a wheelchair the whole con. helped out with reg a lot and got to see super 8 bit brothers. that was so freaking fun. i was putting all my weight on my right foot the whole time so my leg was buurning. when they did 'robot, plane, dinosaur' kevin was all ' my robot turns into a plane and NOTHING else! ' so they didn't sing the dinosaur part and i'm all yelling it, and he puts the mic towards me everytime and at the end he was 'thats the best that song has ever been performed ' SPEAKING OF WHICH! panda is so awesome.

i was sitting at the registration table and i hear 'how're you doing?' i'm like, hold up. i recognize that voice. look up.. :O!! steve blum, guy that does spike from cowboy bebop and numerous other awesome roles. he gave me a hug and signed my spike doll's box. pic of it later. i geeked out. thenthen! super8bit bros kevin & rob came up and hugged me and said it was nice seeing me again and they can't wait til next year :D

-.. fractured my knee! i'm on crutches, this huge leg brace that makes me feel like a robot, anti-inflammatory meds and they prescribed me 195 Vicadin. so if anyone needs a hook up :x i kid.

- i'm 110% convinced that chris is the sweetest guy in the world. he loves me so much and i don't know what i did to deserve him but he makes me really happy and takes such good care of me. <3<3

- on the sixth book of the dark tower! almost done!

i miss talking to people :[

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[14 Jan 2009|11:51am]
[ mood | amused ]

i was reading the second book in the dark tower series and heard something outside so i was looking for my bookmark. kyo, my little orange kitty, ran over to the window to see what was out there and the bookmark was sticking to his butt. still laughing~

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[03 Jan 2009|02:54pm]
[ mood | okay ]

this week was awesooome. minus having to work everyday at 6. chris was off tues, wed, thurs and i was off school.

tuesday: went to festival of lights at the zoo with chris. it was free because my sister helped hang up some of the lights and got free tickets, which she gave to us because she is cool like that. it was set up really nice. got to see polar bears wrestle. drank hot cider and ate cinnamon roasted almonds. then i was up until 2:30am making a stupid cake for my manager because i got volunteered :[ cut my finger on a staple and the ungrateful lurch didn't even take it home and probably pitched the slice she cut out. so i gave the rest to sarah and took my pans home thursday.

wednesday( new years eve/mommy's birthday! ): night to relax. got off work at 2 and took a nap until 5:30. then we headed over to my mom's because its her birthday so i got her a $30 visa giftcard ( THEY CHARGE YOU $4 TO ACTIVATE IT. x[ then you only have a month before they start taking money off the card. that is such bull crap )so she could buy her makeup and a steak from friday's that i put a candle in and carried it in lit when we got there. she was going to my dad's friends that she didn't want to go to so i was mad at her about that. yeah, go drink and then drive home with all the drunks and let him(dad) ruin your birthday. so they left as soon as we got there. hung out to talk with kyle and samantha for a few minutes, then we headed home. watched chris play bioshock until 11:55, then we got our drinks ready ( jones blue lemonade soda in wine glasses ) and watched the stupid ball drop, smoochie moochied and were in bed by 12:01.

thursday( new year's ): happy new year! worked til 2. theen went to the beach waterpark for their holidayfest. our passes are still good for it. so we get in and go look at the nativity scene they had set up. pet the donkey, almost got my hand chomped off by the camel.
- horse wagon ride! we wanted to get hot chocolate but neither of us had cash and they didn't take card. so while we were waiting for the wagon to come back i was all 'huh' and check my wallet. i had exactly $2 in change. hot choco was $1.98 so i got us one to share. horse ride was stiinky. driver="horse farted! been waitin' all year to say that"
- ice skating! this was both chris and my first time. i AMAZINGLY didn't fall but came close countless times. hugged the rail a lot but i did go around four times without touching it. i wanna do it agaain :3
- big slide + sled = SCARY.
- they had paddle boats in the lazy river. which was freaking cool. so we went around the whole thing, the tunnel part was scary because it was 8-8:30ish and dark as crap out.

so then we leave the beach and decided we wanted friday's. ( when my mom's steak was in the car, the smell filled up the whole thing and i was droooling. ) tried their bbq pork ravioli ( pulled pork in fried ravioli with bbq dipping sauce ) it was good but i don't think we'd get it again and of course our fried macaroni&cheese. thenthen got the jack daniel's new york strip and shrimp. it was orgasmic.

friday: chris gets mad at me every time i fill out the entry forms for the contest barrels at meijer but it payed off! i won tickets to go see trans-siberian orchestra~ didn't know if they were for the 3 or 8 o'clock show though and we both had to work 6-2. it was for the 3pm, go figure.
( actually, i won 12 tickets + a parking pass but we couldn't get ahold of the tickets until 30 minutes before the show started so i didn't know this or else i would have invited a buttload of people.
stupid meijers. we've been trying since dec 29th to talk to someone that knew what the heck was going on. we went up there tuesday and the customer service guy told us 'oh the promotional director won't be in until thursday or friday' after calling 5 people.
call thursday 'we can't get access to them until friday' then we call friday and have to talk to like 7 different people before we get the dickhead store director who was all ' you still want them? didn't it already pass? ' RAHRAHWELIVE5MINSAWAYGIMMIEMYTICKETS 'bear with me, i have to find them ' then he took his sweet time when we got there, just wasn't our day. we went to customer service and there was a line, and an old guy cut in front of us. director guy walks up really slow and asks chris ' so you're the ticket guy? ' hes looking at his watch all slow like ' isn't it starting right now? ' then takes his sweet time handing them over. we literally run out and head to US Bank Arena and make it there in 10 minutes. i am amazed chris didn't get pulled over :o
so the show! we had seats K 5-8 then like T9-12 ( which were on the other side of the arena so there was a whole empty row on the other side ) or something. so we sat at K6 and 7 because it was closest to the stage and had the whole row to ourselves except for four people. turns out the guy i was sitting near was the promotional director from meijer. ha ha ha.

it was amaazing. in the middle of one of the songs they rocked out too hard and the amps blew and the lights cut off. so they had to improvise~ guitarist dude had everyone singing jingle bells and rudolph then 'okay, thats all the songs i know'. lol then they gave us an extra 30mins because of the technical difficulties ( how many people can say they went to a TSO show that had technical difficulties? :P )
bought a tshirt and a program, then went to asian buffet, then to krogers to buy stuff to make smoothies and soup, then home and snuggled til we fell asleep. meant to get up and play l4d with devin but we conked out.

now i'm off work today and tomorrow and made smoothies with my magic bullet. :B
Photobucket Photobucket

oh yeah! we got netflix too. so we can watch stuff off our xbox and get movies sent here so we watched little shop of horrors ( chris had never seen it ) and had run fat boy run sent here ( very good movie. simon pegg is silly~ )

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[28 Dec 2008|07:21pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

totally missed my 'happy christmas!' post so uh

happy belated christmas!

i had to work on christmas eve and the day after christmas and the day after the day after christmas. it sucked. we were extremely busy and i wanted to kill people.

my lootCollapse )

i know i'm missing stuff but i assure you i had a great christmas and hope you did the same :]

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pointless post [07 Dec 2008|09:52am]
[ mood | refreshed ]

i loooooooove sleeping in. had to fight with chris' butt to kick him out of bed for work at 8. haha we took out the support bars from under the bed and set the boxspring and mattress on the floor with the frame still around it. it looks so funny. huge headboard! comfy though. cats can sleep with us again. ( had to keep the door shut because they kept getting under the bed and not coming out to the point i wanted to kill them )

i put way too much water in my oatmeal :[

our fridge is broke so we've been wrapping things up and keeping it on the porch in the cat carrier so raccoons won't get to it. and hey, atleast i got cold pop! haha it snowed so its working pretty well. my dad is coming out to look at it today (and hopefully fix it). me and chris tried pulling it out to vacuum out the filter and i ended up getting conked in the head with a smoke detector. made me cry and chris couldn't get to me so he like grah!pushed the fridge to come hug me. he's so sweet. then and then we pulled up some of the tile and broke it. one more thing to fix before we can get out of here.

i am poor. i don't think i'm going to be able to afford xmas presents. so don't get me anything.

if anyone has left 4 dead and would like to play, hit me up on 'syruup'.

also, my job is forcing me to buy my own work shirts ( already on the third pair of pants i've bought ). when i first started i had to pay $10/shirt FROM THE COMPANY. that is bullcrap. what place makes their employees pay for their uniform? now, they SWITCHED the uniform from the shirts i have ( which were so cheaply made the sleeves have holes and they stain very easy ) to black polo shirts. it is freaking impossible to find just a plain. black. polo. shirt. i'm getting so ticked off. managers and shifts get their shirts provided by the company for free. they are not even offering to sell any this time around. i have to go out to a store and find one. this looks retarded when everyone has a different shirt on. the only black polos i have been able to find range from $30-$50 and i am not paying that much for a stupid work shirt. i've checked meijers, target, walmart, kmart, dick's and just oh my god. /shirt rant

i also really do not like shiny toy gun's new singer. had to get that out there.

chris hates this song but i love it x3 i didn't even recognize it was them!

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[30 Nov 2008|09:36am]
[ mood | awake ]

thanksgiving was okay. work sucked because dumbdumb doesn't know how to make a schedule. she had me and her there all day ( i worked 6-4 ) and corey in at 7-12. she didn't come out at all until corey left, she left to go let her dog out and sat in the back a lot. then when he left i was by myself ( just holler if you need me! >bullcrap. ) we were busy. retards getting turkey sandwiches and people getting dozens ( who the crap eats bagels on thanksgiving? ) i could understand the people that came in that were from out of town and wanted breakfast, thats fine, but if you are getting a TURKEY sandwich on THANKSGIVING you need to be smacked upside the head.

so i get off work, chris is already at home, we get ready and go to my mom's. she made awesome food. :] my grandma didn't cook this year because she's on a cruise. there wasn't enough room at the table for everyone to sit and eat so we spread the food out there and sat in the living room and watched stand up comedians while we ate ( kyle dunnigan, lisa landry, & jeff dunham ) theeen looked at my old pictures on the computer and ate apple pie ala mode :3 got home about 11.

work friday wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be. i thought we would have to deal with all the angry hungry black friday shoppers but it wasn't that busy. guess everyone was still stuffed from thanksgiving. i was scheduled 7-3 but ended up getting sent home early at 2. five people were working so day flew by. so i get home and alex is here and we hang out with him. played left 4 dead with jason and alex and chris took turns, watched silly videos and ate at steak & shake. then he wanted us to go to his friends with him but chris had to work at 7 so we went home and went to bed~

saturday morning was nice. :x

THEEEEN! chris left and i slept til 12. needed that sleep like whoa. found new manga series to read ( Honey Hunt and Beauty is the Beast )

chris didn't get home until almost 6 :[ and found out he had to work 6-3 today, then go back in at midnight until 8am to do inventory. that is complete BS, they are treating him like crap. assistant isn't worth this. i told him we'd get by if he found a different job. i hate seeing him miserable and not being able to make it better.

alex called and said he bought left 4 dead so we played a campaign last night with him and his brother, then we met them at waffle house which was fun times. it was a TINY waffle house and we kept getting starred at and there was no room on the table so we were stacking haha. i had to suck in because my boobs kept pushing the table. i was like 'we'll leave when i finish my coffee' cause i had half a cup and the lady came and refilled it xx my tummy was so full. anywho! then we all leave and play another campaign til 1 and chris had to go to bed to be at work at 6. and that is all!

haha alex just called and asked if i wanted to play xD

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twilight movie! skip if you don't like it :P [22 Nov 2008|02:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

my sister, boyfriend and i went to the midnight showing of twilight. fun times.

went and picked her up around 8, got there about 9. we went to newport's amc to see it. i pre-bought the tickets so i picked them up and the theater was awesome and was already letting people in to go sit down instead of standing in a line. we got the perfect seats in the middle so i was happy about that, mostly for samantha. i wanted to see it but not THAT bad.

so! to amuse ourselves for three hours:
samantha texted on her phone for the first hour, chris and i took turns playing a block stacking game he bought on his phone ( ugh phone bill is going to be so high. he had to download it - we aren't paying for internet and they charge out the butt for it if you use it )

second hour, we played the memory alphabet game thing: twilight edition. ( the a-apple next person goes a-apple, b-banana, so on )
heres what we came up with, we were cracking up
gameCollapse )

then um last hour this dude came out, said he dj'd for q102 on the weekends and talked. tried to get a wave started, failed. he was lame, corny jokes. then he told people to ask questions and someone asked ' what team are you on? ' as in team edward/team jacob and he never read the book so he thought they were asking if he was gay or not lol. he also was like ' i'm not the only guy here! ' and pointed at chris.

they had six theaters showing the movie and five sold out. that is a lot of teeny boppers.

the movie itself! 6/10. if you haven't read any of the books, you will be confused. a lot of it was rushed, a lot of stuff was not explained and there were a lot of akwards parts. we laughed at all the wrong parts ( edward in biology class, jasper's "scary" face was hysterical, when bella dreamed she saw edward in her room standing all scary-stalker like then disappearing and all that i could think about when carlisle came on screen was 'q-tip') alot of the time the place was dead silent and us three were holding our hands over our mouths to keep from laughing too loud. it was an okay movie.

only things i didn't like were:Collapse )

what i DID like:Collapse )

aand what i thought about the cast!Collapse )

we got home around 3 and i had to go to work at 6 on friday. i was deeead. came home at 3pm and crashed until 7:30 this morning, where i had to go to work again 8-12. 16.5 hours of sleep! and i had coffee so i feel awesome right now.

okay, i'm done. now i'm bored. chris has to work til 10 and i have nothing to do. :[

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[17 Nov 2008|10:36am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i get sick way too easy and way too often.

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update in a nutshell [15 Nov 2008|10:58pm]
[ mood | tired ]

raah i don't want to make spaghetti~

i had no idea bloc party was on guitar hero.

work blows. chris is assistant produce manager, very proud of him.

bringing up my anatomy grade. i'm on academic probation by one point but now i'm doing awesome.

sugoi/4chancon was oct 31-nov 2, it blew. except seeing erica. that was awesome. chris and i went as speed racer & trixie on friday. i can't find any pictures but i know there were some taken. then erica and i went to the zoo sunday, but no sloth to be seen and that was the whole reason we went. we got lost on the way there, ( ZOOO! )fun times.

my sister was dorothy in the wizard of oz: nch edition and was freaking adorable.
<3Collapse )

my girl-crush gave me her phone number. chris doesn't mind lol <3

i just burnt the garlic toast. :[

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obama [04 Nov 2008|11:40pm]
[ mood | thankful ]


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[28 Sep 2008|11:53pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

we are home!

i have work at six in the morning. that suuucks.

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